How LifeAid Works

  1. Press your waterproof help button and you will be instantly connected to a certified LifeAid Specialist.
  2. Care Specialists assist you any time of day from LifeAid’s UL Listed monitoring center
  3. Help is on the way. We contact emergency services, friends and family and stay on the line until help arrives.

More details about how LifeAid’s Medical Alarm system works:

  • Your medical alarm button can be worn as a neck pendant or wristband.
  • All Care Specialists have been trained and certified according to industry best practices. LifeAid does not offshore our monitoring service.
  • The LifeAid medical alert equipment includes enhanced speaker and voice capabilities that help you communicate with Care Specialist even if you have fallen down.
  • If you are unable to speak, the monitoring center will immediately follow your personalized emergency action plan, contacting emergency services, friends and family in the order you requested.
  • In the event that LifeAid needs to call emergency services, one Care Specialist will remain on the line with you while another notifies EMS.
  • With LifeAid’s complimentary AlertMessage service, caregivers will receive automatic email notifications whenever a loved one has an emergency, tests their system or has any issues with their system.